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Early use…. Buckland Hill was re-named Mosman Park on 12th Oct This transition cover…. Fine cond with …. Exc cond…. Not seen by us before. Nice trio to be able to compare. A couple of minor faults 6d's. Spiro Fournier 1d reds x 2, 1d ochre x 2, 2d blue plus 1d surcharge with void grid cancel, others all with concentric circle cancels.

Mixed cond bu…. One 6d has commissariat punch. All with num…. Spiro Fournier incl 1d red, 2d grey-green, 2d vermillion thinned , 6d purple with blue cancel plus another with black cancel perf faults , 6…. Treherne Die II forgery of the Hillman 6d golden bronze litho. Very gold! Scarce pair. Unknown origin with a 4d vermillion on vertically laid paper, 6d lithograph dull blue on yellowed paper, 6d dull blue green with "S" in Australia i….

This is a new find. There are clearly two A27 postmarkers. This one has much larger lettering than the type …. Addressed to A. Vass, Broadar…. Bold, clear pmk. Burbanks B28 dated 4 JE 14 tying 1d kangaroo on cover to Victoria. This was the only obliterator issued on 3. Staining on cover but not affecting stamp…. Geraldton 12 bar 13 obliterator on 2d yellow swan. Harris A25 on 2d yellow swan dated 5 Feb Kojonup 12 bar 29 obliterator on 2d yellow swan, wmk crown cc. Lake Austin 3b-a complete cds on 2d yellow swan for 7 MY Outer ring shows signs of wear with postmarker having been used since Lockville 12 bar 25 obliterator on 2d yellow swan with upright wmk crown cc.

Ludlow 12 bar 36 obliterator on 2d yellow swan, wmk crown cc. Mandurah 12 bar 6 obliterator on 2d yellow swan. A premium strike. Minnimup 15 bar 7 obliterator on 2d yellow swan, wmk crown cc. Narrogin Savings Bank Sbi. A bullseye upright strike on 4d chestnut swan dated 1 FE New Norcia 12 bar 26 obliterator on 2d yellow swan, wmk crown cc.

Newleyine Number 1 grid NG-1 on 1d yellow-ochre swan. SG Nice combination. Additional Nungarin cds on reverse. Attractive usage. Another strike on reverse along wi…. Preston 12 bar 19 obliterator on 2d yellow swan. Roebourne 12 bar 30 obliterator on 2d yellow swan, wmk crown ca. This PO was only open 5 years. Swanbourne A27 on 3d olive kangaroo, 3rd wmk, dated 27 May PMI states "issued for renaming in but no early dates. Travelling Post Office EG 4. Three clear strikes on 1d red swans strip of 3 dated 17 MR Another ful…. Waverley 3b on 5d yellow-olive swan for 23 FE but year missing.

The latest PMI listed date is Indistinct date. Yunndaga B27 on 3d olive kangaroo, 3rd wmk, for 9 JUL West Australia". Copyright Australian Govt. Printed by Tucks. Handen, Bookseller, Albany. Message on back does not detract. Interesting Main St scene. Both very good to fine unused f…. Damaged lower right corner otherwise fine. Superb unused. One small defect on back otherwise fine unused. Anonymous with message on the back. Fine but a lit…. Used 26 Feb from Donnybrook to England. Used from Carnarvon on 5 Sep to NZ. Unused but small blemish on front. Used Geraldton 9 Dec to SA.

Fine unused cond. Addressed to Austria. Corner crack at top lef…. AU 26 02" on picture side. Addressed …. Both fi…. Message on back dated Nov Used from Perth to Mornington 4 May Addressed to South Australia. Slight damage to edges. Light corner cr…. Fine unused with light creasing. Undivided back hence c Light corner crease otherwise fine unused in colour. Perth" by J. Robins, Proprietor in colour. Adelaide 24 DEC 04? Fine unused. Used Beverley 27 Sep to Midland Junction. A rare card. The message on reverse indicated that it was taken inside Carnarvon Church.

Complete with …. Collie untitled showing the aftermath of a fire where 8 shops were burnt. Very fine used from Collie with 2 bold 10 Jul cds's …. Unused with 2 corner creases but not affecting main image. Seldom seen so fresh MUH. Ex SB1. ACSC Cat. Very fresh but perfs trimmed one side of the "joined" bottom unit. ACSC 3 Cat. ACSC 4 a i Cat. Fine used by light slogan cancel.

ACSC 3 E d. Centred to top but fresh …. A scarce combination. ACSC 5ae. MUH marginal block of 4 from top right of sheet. MUH block of 4 with selvedge from top left of right pane. ACSC 12a Cat. Ironed out corner crease. A superb marginal MUH example. A lovely example.

ACSC 17a Cat.

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ACSC 17A cat. Centred slightly to right with one split perf at right but fresh MUH. ACSC 42 Cat.

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Fresh MLH, centred slightly to right. Centred high, MLH. Centred very slightly left. MLH SG ACSC 47 Cat. Unused without gum. Well centred with good perfs. Full gum. A lovely stamp. ACSC …. MLH with very good centering. MLH with fresh colour. Used with light roller cancel.

ACSC 7 u e Cat. ACSC 11A cat. ACSC 11 2 e Cat. ACSC 13a Cat. Well centred but lower right h…. MUH with left margin. ACSC 33aa Cat. Fresh MUH. Fine frontal appearan…. ACSC 38A cat. Superb MUH. Good used top selvedge example with part parcel…. Good used with minimal part parcel cancel. Well centred with rich colour. Light parcel cancel.

A couple short…. One toned perf. Used with part parcel cancel. Centred slightly left. ACSC 19a Cat. Both MLH.

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Good used. ACSC 27…. Slightly soiled at left but does not detract from this well centred stamp…. A couple of shortish perfs at base otherwise well centred with lov…. Centred to right but excellent perfs. A lovely MUH stamp. MVLH with lovely colour. ACSC 49 Cat. Fresh MUH, centred slightly to right. Lovely colour.

ACSC 22 …. ACSC 22 4 z Cat. ACSC 28 3 d Cat. Lightly used. ACSC 39 1 g Cat. Well centred MUH marginal example, hinged on selvedge only. Centred low, MUH. Centred down but well clear of perfs. Nice colour. ACSC 29 3 d Cat. MUH with very feint hinge mark on selvedge. Well centred. ACSC 40 I l…. Not listed in ACSC.

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Centred left but with selvedge not so apparent. MLH with hinge mark on…. Trivial tone speck otherwise MUH. Well centred with one flat perf top right. ACSC 50a Cat. Centred very slightly low. ACSC 54 Cat.

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Centred slightly to left otherwise superb in all other respects. Centred to left but clear of perfs. Rich, fresh colou…. Some perfs separating vertically otherwise fine with the ACS…. ACSC 71 1 zi Cat. Lovely rich colour. ACSC 71z Cat. Fine MUH except surface mark on one sta…. Centred low. MLH with a barely perceptible hinge mark. Centred to right. Thick white gum, more commonly found on Die III. The first two centred to right, the last mentioned slight…. MUH with some perf separation. Also a MUH block of 4 very….

Bringing Together: Uncollected Early Poems 1958-1988

Well centred with …. Well centred with light gum tone mark on one unit otherwise MUH. MUH with slightly even toned gum. MUH marginal from bottom right of sheet. ACSC 2 r Cat. Some separation down …. CA monograms of ele…. MUH but some adherences in lower selvedge. ACSC 78 Cat. Light even toning with some perf separation in selvedge but is MUH. From electro 12 showing "white flaw on base of ne…. Top marginal block of 4. ACSC A. Well centred MUH block of 6. Harrison shade. Centred High.

Excellent display cover in fine cond. ACSC 79 Cat. Hinged in selvedge only. MLH centred slightly right. ACSC 80 4 ha. Centred low with 2 units MUH incl variety, …. ACSC 91B 3 2c …. Plate 4. Centred to right but MUH. Light tinge of toning t…. Folded throug…. Fresh MLH but crease down left stamp. ACSC c Cat. Fresh MUH top marginal pair. MLH with slight hinge stain. Centred to right with very light hinge marks in lower selvedge but stamps al…. MUH with light hinge mark in gutter only. ACSC z Cat. Centred high left. Fresh MUH with light hinge mark in selvedge only.

ACSC 1…. Centred low with a hint of light gum toning. MUH with bottom margin. MLH but light even toning. ACSC za Cat. Pen mark on gum…. ACSC Bz cat.

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Gutter folded with perfs touching on either side of gutter. Fine mint. Mint cond but edges stuck together. SG O26 Cat. ACSC 72 1 ib Cat. Centred bottom right. All CTO. Total Cat. SG O Top right corner block of 8 hinged on margin only. Stamps fresh MUH. They appear to be genuine ovpts displaying the correct characteristics but are sold….

MLH with good perfs. MUH top left, well centred marginal block of 4. SG a. SG Ovar. Lovely multiple. SG D SG D33s. Still to Mow. The Roots of Things. The Long Marriage: Poems. This luminous collection is Maxine Kumin's twelfth volume of poetry, the first since her remarkable memoir, Inside the Halo. Themes of loyalty, longevity, and recovery appear here, along with poems addressing the eminent dead: Wordsworth, Gorki, Rukeyser, and others. A compelling read. Yet, less than a year later, her progress pronounced a miracle by her doctors, she was at work on this journal of her astonishing recovery.

She tells of her time ''inside the halo,'' the near-medieval device that kept her head immobile during weeks of intensive care and rehabilitation, of the lasting ''rehab'' friendships, and of the Three key moments anchor the story told in this dissertation: the transition to electoral democracy during the revolution and its aftermath; the late s and early s period of structural crisis that lead to dramatic seizures of public vehicles; and the Caracazo massacre in which Venezuela's newly elected President shocked the nation by ending the country's largest urban protest with a massacre that killed hundreds.

While the urban popular sectors' are depicted by some as having been awoken to national politics under Chavez, this study establishes powerful continuities going back to in this stronghold of Chavez's "Bolivarian Revolution. A comprehensive and systematic canvas of thirty years' of newspaper and periodical sources on el 23 provides a firm foundation for the narrative. It also draws on primary sources from the Banco Obrero, the US National Archives, and the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, while making extensive use of polling data and electoral statistics from to This archival work allowed for the success of extensive oral histories and ethnographic observation carried out in the 23 de enero over ten months between and