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She enjoys volunteering, arts and crafts, and conduct Excerpts and a preview: You can read one or two excerpts on the O'Reilly site or check out a preview. What I like The book is very comprehensive in that it lists places from all over the world. I like the way the book is laid out by country and then by state for the United States. Editor's Picks. Python is eating the world: How one developer's side project became the hottest programming language on the planet.

How iRobot used data science, cloud, and DevOps to design its next-gen smart home robots. Beyond the PC: Lenovo's ambitious plan for the future of computing. Straight up: How the Kentucky bourbon industry is going high tech. Show Comments. Hide Comments. My Profile Log Out. See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details.

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Similarly, there's a number of examples of modern art that while interesting, don't take that long to put together. While someone can spend a couple of hours putting together a work of art, it's worth remembering that they get a lot more money for that two h. Re: Score: 2 , Insightful. While I always try to keep conversations civil, but I'm sorry, your message about "art and artists" is just, well, stupid.

Just to make a point: are bridges part of infrastructure? Doesn't it look fantastic?! Isn't it beautiful?! Is it worth seeing?! Geeklings Score: 3 , Interesting. I guess they weren't obsessed with rounding up to a power of 2 Dunno, maybe there are only 4 geeky places to take your kids? Museums or real science Score: 3 , Interesting.

Score: 2.

The Geek Atlas by John Graham-Cumming

These tend to be more substantive than your generic tour. I agree that both, in a way, talk down to the viewer. Most science museums, in fact most widely used science curriculum, is geared to the 10 year old. There is a fear of making things too complex. I will say the Los Alamos museum was more in depth in the science, while the National museum was more in depth with the artifacts. I go on geek vacations Score: 4 , Interesting. A good fraction of my vacation trips are for educational reasons. I want to see places, museums. For example in April I went to central New Mexico to catch three main sites: the Trinity bomb site open only two Saturdays a year because its inside a military base , the Socorro large radio telecope array the staple of almost many scifi movies , and Roswell.

Los Alamos is also not far away. My next goal is to catch one of the seven remaining shuttle launches. I better get organized because they end soon. I am a marketing manager for a living. When I. You seem to be mistaking passion for obsession. While I imagine visiting a space or car museum might be an entertaining change for some IT folk, others would find it too much like work. It's probably fair to say that taking a trip for technology in place of meeting people or seeing new parts of the world could seem like work though.

The trouble with tribbles Score: 3 , Funny. Kirk: Scotty, you're confined to quarters. Scotty: Thatnks, Captain! It'll give me a chance to catch up on my technical journals! Re:I go on geek vacations Score: 4 , Funny. You're not alone.

The Geek Atlas: 128 Places Where Science and Technology Come Alive

Apparently Bill Gates had a screaming row with Paul Allen after Allen bunked off with two workmates for 24 hours so they could get down to watch the first shuttle launch. Me too Score: 3 , Interesting. Some advice if you do go: Go to a night launch. Day launches are cool too, but night launches just cannot be adaquately described. The amount light they put off is unreal. Think artificial sunrise. Don't bother gettting "tickets". Just drive down 50 until you hit the beach, find a place a few blocks back to park, and walk down to A1A.

Half of the ex. Too bad Score: 1 , Funny. She tried to cover up But I have seen it all.

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To anyone who has read the book Score: 1. Is there any chance that there's an explanation for the Fibonacci Sequence on the side of the dome of the Italian National Cinema Museum [tolove. If there was an explanation in or on the building itself, I either didn't see it, or couldn't read it Subtitled: Score: 3 , Funny. Possibly museums to visit Score: 2. O'Reilly editors are reading slashdot - Cool! I would not normally respond to comments but since your claim to be the editor introduces the Voice Of Authority, let me expand on my observation as a prospective customer.

Perhaps a casual observer, finding this title in a museum shop, might expect that a "Geek Atlas" would refer to real locations that you would find in an atlas. A giant list of German museums and one cemetery full of dead Nobel Prize winners an atlas does not make. Score: 3 , Insightful. I've been to the Atomium and it is definitely lame. In Paris I would recommend "Le musee des arts et metiers" which features very nice steam machines.

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  • The Geek Atlas by John Graham-Cumming.

I love them. More Effective?

ISBN 10: 0596523203

Just curious.. One Canadian site? Am I the only dinosaur-loving geek wondering why Drumheller isn't on the list? The only paleontology-loving geek wondering at the omission of the Burgess Shale? The only astronomy-loving geek wondering the exclusion of DRAO? The only communications-loving geek perplexed at leaving out Signal Hill? Yes, but leaving out the Burgess Shale is ridiculous.

The Math Book and The Geek Atlas

List inclusion criteria Score: 1. What are the criteria used by the author to make the list? It seems to me that a lot of the sites are related just to modern developments in technology, a lot less connected with not contemporary sciences Africa left out Score: 3 , Insightful. Re: Score: 3 , Insightful. The secret's out Score: 2. Great, now all these destinations will be overrun with geeks.

Akihabara Score: 2. Apparently it's the Mecca for people like me. Belgium Score: 1. The Atomium is included in the list. Kids and Real Science don't mix Score: 1 , Troll. Kids today don't need any more nonsense then they already get. Here is real science: Get up in the morning.

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Re: Score: 3 , Interesting. Wow, what a sad post. Two personal examples: My father just retired after being a chemical engineer for 15 years his second career. Dude, It's about getting excited about learning and how stuff works. Science needs the superstars and interesting places to visit because it's usually not what's glorified in popular culture. Not everybody gets to live their dream but everyone wants a chance to hit the big time. If we show kids that being smart can lead to awesomeness like being athletic they might try for that.

Someone's always gotta do the grunt work and that sucks when it's you. But to lean on sports, You gotta be willing to play on th.

The Geek Atlas: 128 Places Where Science and Technology Come Alive

Yep, being a scientist sucks. It's engineering where all the fun is. And these days, chicks love engineers. Kids need some reality Encouraging a bit of hopeful imagination about their futures is dramatically more realistic than your fatalistic world view. You could similarly make being an NFL quarterback sound dull, if you just related all the hard work they spend most of their time doing to prepare for the relatively short games. I spent a lot of time at the old location when I was a kid and absolutely loved it.

They moved to a new location a few years back and the wife and I went to check it out last time we were in the area. It might be a bit on the childish side as it is designed to interest children in the sciences and history. But even as an adult I found the exhibits interesting and entertaining. Good Book Score: 1. National Geographic Traveler Score: 2. I found it to be much more useful than the standard Frommer's guide. It pointed us to lots of natural wonders i. What I liked most a.

He excluded Canada too!