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Here are some of the major milestones for women in the military:.

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When I served in the military, all roles were not open to women, but I always felt I was evaluated based on my performance and abilities. I learned many lessons during my time at West Point and in the Army that have guided me throughout my career and life. Now — in — our military is comprised of men and women who serve in all roles — combat and non-combat.

I am proud to say that all branches of the military are creating opportunities for women — from occupational specialists to officers — to succeed within the system based on ability, not gender. According to the most recent U. Do you have information you want to share with HuffPost? US Edition U.

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    Terms Privacy Policy. Part of HuffPost Politics. All rights reserved. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. From to , women were officially permitted to join the military.

    Research Starters: US Military by the Numbers

    In the last two years of WWI, 33, joined as nurses and support staff. From to , , women served at home and abroad in non-combat roles during WWII. Enlisted military members come from all of the fifty states, but some regions contribute more than others. In absolute terms, the top five states for recruitment in were California, Texas, Florida, Georgia, and New York, largely because of their relatively large populations.

    From this perspective, the picture changes significantly. Georgia had the highest representation ratio, at 1. On the other end of the spectrum—states that contribute fewer recruits than their share of eighteen to twenty-four year olds those with ratios less than one —are Washington, DC, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and New York. Ethnicity, which the government considers distinct from race, is divided into two categories: Hispanic or Latino, and not Hispanic or Latino.

    Among enlisted recruits, 43 percent of men and 56 percent of women are Hispanic or a racial minority. Female recruits are consistently more diverse than the civilian population; they are also more diverse than male recruits.

    Demographics of the U.S. Military

    When the draft ended in , women represented just 2 percent of the enlisted forces and 8 percent of the officer corps. Today, those numbers are 16 percent and 18 percent respectively, a significant increase. In both services, approximately one in five enlisted members and officers are women. Terrorism and Counterterrorism.

    THEN AND NOW: How women's roles have changed in the US military - INSIDER

    Vogelstein September 12, Women Around the World. Time to Reboot the Mistake-Riddled U. In Brief by Max Boot September 9, South Korea. In Brief by Scott A.


    Snyder August 27, Backgrounder by Jonathan Masters August 12, In Brief by Brad W. Setser August 8, Women and Economic Growth.

    Can the Black Man Fight?

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