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Despite a doctor announcing that Julia could not be saved from the bombing at a university, fans have long been convinced that Julia is secretly alive, somewhere. If Julia does appear in season 2, you have my permission to make this Budd face:. This post will be updated as more Bodyguard news is available.

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Clearly, PPO Budd was wrong. While there are tons of moving parts involved in understanding all of these finale revelations, the key resolution is that despite all the nefarious men populating the series, women were actually always the biggest power players in this political thriller.

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When you get to the end of Bodyguard , it becomes clear a lot of the series was sleight of hand. That is a very suspicious detail that a widespread surveillance bill would unquestionably flag.

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This twist makes sense, considering how quickly Lorraine moves to discredit David after somehow magically learning about his sexual relationship with the late Julia. With Julia putting Securities in charge of investigating organized crime, it would also be harder for people like Aitkens to bribe officers, as Securities is under higher scrutiny than the police, where mob cases had originally fallen. Nadia, The Villain. She later reveals to detectives that she is the mastermind behind the Home Secretary's death, having manufactured the bomb that killed her.

Home Secretary Julia Montague was giving a speech in an auditorium, which bodyguard David Budd said was safe to do despite the threat to her being raised to critical.

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During the speech, Budd noticed a suspicious person backstage and pursued, but found nothing in the man's suitcase. When he emerged back into the auditorium, he realised he'd been set up and a bomb was detonated in the audience, wiping out half of the attendees. Julia was blown from her podium despite Budd running through the venue trying to warn her of the danger, and she was rushed to hospital where she later died.

In episode three of the show, viewers saw David Budd being told the Home Secretary had been killed but he was not allowed to see her body. As a result, many viewers were convinced that Julia Montague was still alive and would make a shock return. We'll have to wait and see! But no!

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It turned out that Nadia the scared woman who backed out of setting off her suicide vest at the start of the series , Luke the criminal and Lorraine David's boss were involved in the death of Home Secretary Julia Montague. Nadia still managed a lot of damage without having to blow herself up.

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Despite proving his innocence, the police were still going to kill David with encouragement of Lorraine of course , but his wife Vicky ran to his side to protect him, as she knew they wouldn't shoot him and risk killing her. Having earned the trust of the police, our troubled hero then disabled his own suicide vest under the instruction of the bomb disposal expert. Go David! If you can't get enough of the hit show and need to watch it again, you can watch all six episodes of series one on BBC iPlayer.

In an attempt to rock the boat across the Atlantic, the BBC struck up a deal with the online streaming service Netflix in the hopes of Bodyguard becoming a success in the states like other British drama Downton Abbey. So those who are signed up to the streaming service Netflix can watch series one of Bodyguard. Climactic moments were filmed in public spaces throughout the capital.