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Around the same time, the Australian government made a decision to fund development aid to Cambodia in the form of supporting the teaching of English. Since they did not formally recognise the government in Cambodia, such aid had to be delivered by an NGO, and QSA was approached to carry out a feasibility study. Thus, in , Val Nichols was sent to Cambodia to conduct a study. It was clear from the start that the project was hamstrung by political constraints, with both those permitted to teach and those admitted to learn being handpicked by the Cambodian government. The first pilot project involved only 12 civil servants.

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Cornish helped to break down many of the barriers of suspicion, and in the project began to expand rapidly. Several Australians were accepted as teachers, evening courses were established for civil servants, and a five-year teacher-training programme was initiated. A small number of students also travelled to Australia to study there. Initially the selection of students had a strong political component and consequently the academic standard of applicants was highly variable.

The rapid expansion of the project over a period of three years put great strain on QSA, which had previously been a small, voluntary organisation with no paid staff. In , the programme was handed over to the International Development Programme and the University of Canberra.

Since , QSA has continued to work in Cambodia, particularly in support of the production of organic food gardens and support for income generating activities in rural communities. Current QSA work in Cambodia. Articles filtered by People. Articles filtered by Topic.

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Language Choice in a Nation Under Transition

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QSA – English Language Training in Cambodia

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