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About this product Product Information A rich, passionate, multi-layered portrayal of family strength and endurance in the New York frontier of the 19th century. But for Nathaniel and Elizabeth Bonner, it's also a time of reunion as their children return from far-off places Lily from Italy and Martha, their ward, from Manhattan bringing with them troubles that will reverberate in all their lives.

As the family struggles to rebuild, Martha and her childhood friend Daniel suddenly begin to see each other in a new light.

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But their growing bond is jeopardized when Martha's mother arrives back in Paradise a decade after abandoning her daughter. Jemima Southern is a dangerous schemer who has destroyed more than one family, and her anger touches everyone, as do her secrets. Has Jemima come to claim her daughter or does she have something else in mind?

The Endless Forest

Whatever happens, Martha and Daniel and all the Bonners must stand united against the threats to both heart and home A powerful adventure story Additional Product Features Author s. Sara Donati, the pen name of Rosina Lippi, is the bestselling author of the Wilderness series. A native of Chicago, she lives with her husband, daughter, and various pets between Bellingham Bay and the Cascade Mountains in the Pacific Northwest.

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Last week Daniel showed me how to balance a knife on the palm and how to grip it properly, the first steps toward accurate throwing. I have very little room, but Curiosity wants me to tell you that she tried her hand at that paste receipt you sent, but she fears she got it wrong. It took a prodigious amount of butter to get it down her gullet.

I write under separate cover to congratulate my sister Hannah and her Ben on the birth of a healthy son. Simon was very honored to learn that he now has a namesake. We are just back from a long walk in gardens at the Villa Borghese, and now I sit down to share with you the decision we have reached after many days of discussion.

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Simon paces the room while I write and so I will take pity on him and put down our news in plain words, as my father and mother will approve. It is time for us to come home. It is six years this month since we left on our travels. I have done what I set out to do and more, and we are both homesick. To be very clear, I cannot promise that we will settle in Paradise permanently.

I can say that we have every intention of spending at least a full year with you, and we hope much longer. We have had a letter from Ethan with the news that there is a new house in the village near his own, one that he would like us to have for as long as we require. This means we will not have to turn Mr. Lefroy out from our place, something we are loath to do. And so all the pieces have come together. We plan to sail as soon as we can sell this house and settle other business matters. If all goes well we will be home before the spring thaw.

Then we can sit together by the kitchen fire and tell our stories to each other. Now that the decision is made I wish I could grow wings and fly to you. When we have booked passage I will write again with the particulars. Or enter your phone number, customer service of fado Password must be at least 6 characters , is not allowed longer than 30 characters, including numbers and letters.

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Book Review: Wilderness Series by Sara Donati

Free delivery. Free delivery in Phnom Penh. Safe shopping. Sure that all is lost, and sick unto death, Hannah finds herself in the care of a family and a friend from her past, Dr. It is Dr. Jean-Benoit Savard, the great-grandson of French settlers, slaves, and Choctaw and Seminole Indians, is the one man who knows the city well enough to engineer the miracle that will reunite the Bonners and send them home to Lake in the Clouds.

Fire Along the Sky. But Nathaniel and Elizabeth Bonner can see that Hannah is not the same woman as when she left. Yet as Hannah resumes her duties as a gifted healer among the sick and needy, she finds that she is also slowly healing herself. Little does she realize that she is about to be called away to face her greatest challenge ever. As autumn approaches, news of the latest conflict with Britain finds the young men of Paradise—including eighteen-year-old Daniel Bonner—eager to take up arms.

Against their better judgment, Nathaniel and Elizabeth must let him go, just as they must let his twin sister Lily, a stubborn beauty, pursue her independence in Montreal. Far from home, Lily and Jennet will each learn the price of pursuing their dreams and the possibility of true love.

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As the distant thunder of war threatens Paradise, Hannah may learn to live—and maybe love—again in one final act of courage, duty, and sacrifice. A gifted writer, a master storyteller, and a first-rate historian, Sara Donati has written a powerful, poignant, and movingly romantic novel that chronicles the lives and adventures of a family as compelling and unforgettable as any in American fiction.

Lake in the Clouds. In her extraordinary novels Into the Wilderness and Dawn on a Distant Shore, award-winning writer Sara Donati deftly captured the vast, untamed wilderness of late-eighteenth-century New York and the trials and triumphs of the Bonner family. Masterfully told, this passionate story is a moving tribute to a resilient, adventurous family and a people poised at the brink of a new century. It is the spring of , and the village of Paradise is still reeling from the typhoid epidemic of the previous summer.

Hannah is descended from healers on both sides—one Scots grandmother and one Mohawk—and her reputation as a skilled healer in her own right is growing. After a long night spent attending to a birth, Elizabeth and Hannah encounter an escaped slave hiding on the mountain. The Bonners take Selah, desperately ill, to Lake in the Clouds to care for her, and with that simple act they are drawn into the secret life that Curiosity and Galileo Freeman and their grown children have been leading for almost ten years.

The Bonners will do what they must to protect the Freemans, just as Hannah will protect her patient, who presents more than one kind of challenge. The obstacles she faces as a woman and a Mohawk make her confront questions long avoided about her place in the world.

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  2. The Endless Forest: A Novel (Wilderness Book 6).
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Those questions follow her back to Paradise, where she finds that the medical miracle she brings with her will not cure prejudice or superstition, nor can it solve the problem of slavery. No sooner have the Bonners begun to rebound from their losses—old and new—than they find themselves confronted by more than one old enemy in a battle that will test the strength of their love for one another.