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Some Observations on the Hephaisteion. Space and Theme: The Setting of the Parthenon. Authors Instructors Media Booksellers Librarians. Quick search: search for products or web pages, depending on options selected below. Products Site. Michigan Publishing University of Michigan Press. The public school systems in the United States have throughout the twentieth century struggled with the so-called creation-evolution debate. Pelikan goes to the root of this debate by pairing Moses and Plato in this intriguing review of Genesis and Timaeus.

The book is valuable for theological libraries and for research scholars in Patristics and Medieval Studies. Theologians interested in the doctrine of the Trinity will find Pelikan's final chapter especially interesting. It is more like a musical composition consisting of concepts rather than notes, and as such, a staggering tour de force. Separate different tags with a comma.

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Author Carter, Joseph Coleman. Series Thomas Spencer Jerome lectures ; twenty-third series Jerome lectures ; 23rd ser. Metaponto Region Italy -- Antiquities. Target Audience Specialized Summary "Though the ancient Greeks are generally thought to have been city dwellers, with a primarily urban culture, the polis also included a sizable agricultural territory where farmers worked and lived to produce the means of subsistence for the urban population, as well as a surplus for trade.

Discovering the Greek Countryside at Metaponto explores one of the earliest and most comprehensive archaeological explorations of these "other Greeks. The fieldwork was designed to address fundamental questions about all citizens of the polis, including the ethnic composition of the colonists and their relationship with indigenous populations; land allocation and use; economic changes over time; growth and shrinkage of the population; modes and places of worship; funeral rites; and correlations between rural and urban life.